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POOL 20' x 52'

Nestled within the exclusive enclave of Quogue near Stone Creek, this lavish 20' x 52' gunite pool exudes timeless sophistication and coastal charm. Adorned with a medium gray plaster finish, its sleek surface shimmers under the radiant sun, inviting moments of serene relaxation amidst the opulent sandblasted blue ice patio.

8' x 8' SPA

Dipping into the intimate 8' x 8' spa that is seamlessly connected to the pool, is akin to submerging oneself into a womb of pure relaxation. With each buddle from the hyrdotherapy jets, the boundary between spa and pool dissolves, offering a seamless aquatic experience that transcends ordinary relaxation.


Relax on this expansive 10' x 20' sundeck, adorned with a medium gray plaster finish.  Bask in the lap of luxury amidst a tranquil oasis. The subtle texture of the plaster beneath you adds a touch of tactile pleasure, while the expansive dimensions offer ample space for stretching out and soaking up the sun's rays. 

Wedding Cake steps

With their gracefully tiered design and intricate detailing, these steps serve as a stunning focal point, adding a touch of regal splendor to the pool's aesthetic. Each tier beckons with its smooth curves and polished finish, inviting guests to descend into the crystal-clear waters


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