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gardenia oasis

POOL 18' x 44'

An 18' x 44' gunite pool is flanked  with a grandiose 7' x 18' spa. The sleek NPT Quartzscape Curacao Night finish gives this pool a feel of opulence throughout the day. A tranquil vibe emits from this darker shade giving your backyard the feel of the interior of a luxury sedan. During the strongest sunlight this interior looks like a blue lagoon. The spa's full length steps make entering and exiting very accessible. The 8' x 10' Baja shelf is ideal for working on your tan and adds an additional lounge area to your pool during your pool parties.  

17' x 8' SPA

The 7' x 18' spa is fully automated by Pentair™ technologies. This spa can comfortably fit 15 adults for all your back yard blow out festivities. 

All features can be operated from your smart device such as lighting, spa temperature, and the jets. 


The Pentair™ bubblers are bult in with LED lighting.  The flowing bubbles add a soothing ambient soundtrack as you relax poolside and envision tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain.  Water flow can be adjsuted to a maximum height of 10 feet. Create a mini water park for the kids in your pool and spa. 


The 18' x 18' pavillion with fireplace and floating television is the ultimate outdoor living room. Great for bringing the family together for any gathering or just relaxing to watch the NFL action on a sunny September Sunday. Ignite your gas fireplace during the October classic and you're sure to hit the party out of the park. 


The patio is comprised of Marmiro Stone Afyon cloud. Each piece is 2' x 3' and is Turkish Marble. The advantage of this stone is that it does not get hot which is crucial for any pool that is in direct sunlight. It has a lower specific heat when compared to bluestone and other natural stones. It is also one of the lightest colored natural stones on the market. 


The entire backyard is illuminated by Pentair's Intellibrite's LED lighting. All lighting can be controlled by Pentair automation which can project a vast array of color schemes to set the mood for any occasion.


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