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POOL 20' x 40'

Chase Court, Bridgehampton

The 20' x 40' Gunite pool is paired with a 8' x 8' spill over spa. A dark gray plaster interior enhances the Marmiro Afyon Cloud Patio. 

8' x 8' SPA

Come relax after a long day in this 8' x 8' Spa, fully automated by Pentair™ which will allow you to it heat up on your drive out east from the city or when you are stuck in the 27 East traffic. 


This outdoor patio is done in Marmiro Stone Afyon Cloud.​ The patio is the gateway entrance to the backyard, inviting you to the centerpiece of your oasis. The patio in this project was designed to furbish shady lounge areas by the house and tanning areas surrounding the pool.


A backyard wouldn't be complete without a mini kitchen. Stay outside with the family and grill up all your backyard barbecue favorites while leaving your indoor kitchen spotless. A Marmiro stone counter top makes the outdoor kitchen flow right into the patio. The icemaker flanking the grill will keep everyone cooler than the pool. 

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