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From concept to design to construction to maintenance M&M Pools is a full service pool contractor in every aspect of building and maintaining a residential pool. With over 15 years of pool construction experience we have mastered the craft of building gunite and vinyl pools.

We have developed a process that allows us to work efficiently with each client. First we visit the home and evaluate access to the property so we can have effective operations throughout pool construction. We take into consideration any structures or landscaping that may be valuable to the client and consider methods to salvage them to maintain the highest property value. Next we check for the location of septic tanks. Pools need to be at least 20 feet away from septic tanks and we have the capacity to relocate them if necessary.

creating your vision

Once we determine the parameters of the property we can begin the first stage of designing the pool by determining its shape; whether it be a free form pool, rectangular pool, or pool-spa combo. We then determine the client’s desired budget and consider any additional accessories to the pool like heaters or salt water systems.  We can now begin to map out the structure of the pool and patio and design the plumbing system and water lines to the pool.


We process the permit for the pool and advise them on any environmental regulations that they should be aware of. We have constructed pools in wetland areas and have resolved the issues that arise when building pools in these environmentally sensitive areas such as high water levels and encountering bulkheads during excavation. We have obtainted permits in the Town of Southampton, Village of Southampton, The Town of Easthampton, Westhampton Beach, Brookhaven, Riverhead and several towns in Nassau County.



Once a client has approved the parameters of the project we discuss any accessory features that they may desire.  We can begin to visualize the design of your pool; how it will look, feel, and even sound.  At this phase we discuss types of coping, steps, water features, sundecks, and any other feature the client may wish to have in their backyard oasis.

Often clients aren’t sure of what to choose and can be apprehensive in deciding what is right for their backyard. In these instances we offer a 3D rendering of the property at a surcharge to the client. This allows the client to see exactly how the pool will look in their backyard before any ground is broken. The software allows features to be added or removed and gives the customer a precise preview of the finished project. This preview allows clients to choose on color and textures with ease and expedites the decision making process, ultimately allowing us to build the pool and backyard of their distinct desires in the most efficient manner.

3d renders compareison-03.02.21.png

With our in depth experience in pool construction we are happy to guide the customer in selecting all the materials that will make up their backyard. We provide clients with a wide array of samples of liners and tiles so they can see the colors and feel each material. When it comes to masonry we cordially invite clients to visit backyards where we have constructed pools. We are also happy to meet with our clients at the stone yard of our suppliers to see the different tones and colors. Marmiro Stone, Southampon Masonry, 9 Brothers Stone and Masonry are some of our most trusted vendors and can vouch for the quality of our work.

Before construction begins, we work with surveyors to pinpoint the construction area and ensure all permits are processed properly. A gunite pool usually takes about 8 weeks to complete compared to about half the time for a vinyl pool. Once the foundation is in place we can begin the plumbing, electrical work, coping, gas lines, tile work, backfilling the yard, etc. A gunite pool needs 30 days to cure so this work is generally done during this phase of the project.

The last phase is completing the interior of the pool, whether it be a plaster, quartzscape, or Pebble Tec finish. After a gunite pool is complete we have a technician monitor the pool daily for 2 weeks to check for calcium and pH levels. A gunite pool can not be heated for at least 30 days after it has been cured and salt water can not be added until 45 days.

When M&M Pools is under contract to service your pool all plumbing is under warranty for 5 years and any repairs to the structure of the pool are under service warranty for 10 years.

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