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2nd neck Sanctuary

POOL 18' x '48

This gunite pool with a medium gray plaster finish eludes an aura of sophistication and timeless elegance. Its smooth surface, tinted in a subtle shade of gray, complements any surrounding landscape with understated grace. The pool's design incorporates a captivating negative edge feature, where the water merges seamlessly with the horizon into the backyard exterior. This combination of refined aesthetics and functional design transforms the pool into a captivating centerpiece, inviting relaxation and contemplation amidst its serene beauty of Tiana Bay.

8x8 SPA

Imagine reclining in the soothing embrace of an 8' x 8' spa, positioned strategically to offer an view of the captivating negative edge pool stretching out before you. As you sink into the warm, bubbling waters, tension melts away from your body, leaving you in a state of pure relaxation..


The sun deck adjacent to a pool offers numerous benefits, serving as an ideal space for relaxation, socialization, and leisure for all your guests at the next summer backyard gathering. A pair of S.R. Smith loungers will let you soak in all of summer. 

spill over NEGAGTIVE edge

Below the negative edge lies a meticulously crafted catch basin, discreet yet crucial in maintaining the pool's immaculate appearance by swiftly capturing any overflow. The gentle, rhythmic whisper, of the overflow is reminiscent of tranquill lapping of small waves on the shores of neighboring Penniman Creek.


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