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With each new client there is an on-boarding process. It begins with an inspection of the pool and property to assess the environment around the pool and ensure that there are no issues with the pool that would require repair. Once your pool passes inspection we will assign a designated pool technician to your pool and put them on a regular schedule so that you can expect a weekly maintenance service on the same day and time. If you have kids or dogs they will become familiar with the pool technician and can become adjusted to their weekly visits. 


Our weekly pool maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning process. We begin by removing all floats and toys from the pool. We perform chemistry tests for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and salt level.

Weekly cleaning includes vacuuming, back washing of filters, scrubbing of scum lines, netting the pool and clearing skimmer baskets. We also take care of the water levels to ensure proper operation of pool equipment. We add water while onsite.

During high pollen season and late fall we use a portable cartridge cleaning system that acts like a filter which reduces stress on the pool lines and filtration system.

* All basic chemicals are included in weekly service price. (Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash, Chlorine Tablets, granular chlorine)

We begin with removing the pool cover and cleaning off all the debris gathered from the off season. We let it dry for 1-2 days and then it is put into storage.

We then prime the pool pump and inspect for any leaks or air in the pool lines. After the pool is properly running we will treat the water with the necessary chemicals and return within a day.  We bring a portable vacuuming system to remove all winter debris and algae from the pool which prevents any of this debris from clogging your filter or pool lines.  

Next we install ladders, handrails, and diving boards. We also test the pool heater to make sure it is in proper working order. 

POOL Openings

The sad time comes every season to close your pool. However, we close it properly so it is ready for the following summer. Each closing begins with a cleaning followed by pumping out the water to an appropriate level. We then blow out all pool lines and winterize the heater. Next we add winter algaecide, stain treatment, and chlorine tabs. Non toxic anti-freeze is applied to the skimmer and return lines.  We plug all exposed lines, raise grommets, and properly secure your cover. The cover is inspected for any holes or tears that may have occurred while in storage.

A proper pool closing helps prevent damage to your swimming pool in the winter months. Our pools our monitored with precision during the winter season, ensuring water levels are not too high or dangerously low. Chlorinators are refilled with chlorine tabs and we check to make sure the pool cover is still properly secured. 

Winter closings


​M & M Pools LLC can manage masonry projects to achieve the backyard living space of your desires. From a simple walkway that welcomes you to your pool or a patio beneath a pergola where you’ll entertain friends, we have the project management experience to design and construct a living area that compliments the natural environment of your backyard.

We develop collaborative relationships with our clients in every project we manage. We meet and exceed expectations with our expert craftsmanship, dedication to timely completion of the project, and strong communication in our customer service. Our job isn't complete until you are 100% satisfied.


  • Natural Stone or Paver Patios

  • Coping (any kind)

  • Tile

  • Fire Pits

  • Barbecues

  • Energy efficient pumps

  • Computerized Automation

  • Chlorine Free Systems

  • Salt Water Chlorine Systems

  • Pool Heaters (gas and electric)

  • Solar Pool Heating

  • Pool Lights

  • Pool Liners

  • Marble Dust

  • Pebble Tec

  • Safety fences

  • Automatic pool covers (not only safe but the most energy efficient way to reduce heat loss)

  • Loop Loc safety covers


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